5 Romantic Wedding Headpieces every bride will love.

January 06, 2021 3 min read

5 Romantic Wedding Headpieces every bride will love.

There's nothing more romantic than flowers, receiving them from a loved one instantly makes us feel loved and adored. I have such admiration and appreciation for their beauty so I wanted to create botanical inspired bridal accessories for my bride's which feel and look as authentic as the real thing yet can be adored and cherished forevermore. 
 'A thing of beauty is a joy forever' -John Keats
Every romantic loves that light and airy aesthetic that is timeless and you want your bridal accessories to feel and look the same. Skilfully handcrafted, these flowers are feminine and will add that softness and dreaminess you've always imagined. 
bridal accessories by megan therese
Shop the look :Averie floral comb

The Averie comb is a lightweight bridal accessory on a comb which can worn with any bridal hairstyle. This delicate headpiece compliments both traditional and non-traditional bridal looks and helps to add a softness to your look. 

Style the Averie comb with a soft silk style veil, this romantic and dreamy combination works beautifully. 


romantic bridal accessories styled with a silk style veil



Do you want to wear a headpiece but your afraid of it being too much? This year , I launched my signature clay designs in petite version. 

'I was so excited when you launched the Petite Averie comb , I didn't want anything too big in my hair, its the perfect size for me'. Claire, Suffolk.

Shop the Averie comb in the petite version here.

bridal accessories by megan therese


If you are looking for a full and textured wedding crown which makes a statement but in a feminine way, then my Fleurette crown could be it. This wedding crown is abundant with handcrafted clay flowers , it feels timeless yet refreshingly modern and suits the simplest gowns to the most elaborate gowns as shown here. 

luxury bridal accessories by megan therese

luxury bridal accessories be megan therese

Style this crown to the front or back and finish with a beautiful dreamy soft draped or comb veil. 

luxury bridal accessories worn with a bridal veil

Shop the look: Fleurette crown

If you adore pearls then my Fleur comb offers you a beautiful mix of flowers and pearls. Its very delicate and the intricate handwiring of the pearls makes this a very special piece. 
luxury bridal accessories handmade in the uk

 All of my bridal accessories can be worn along with your wedding veil. You can wear your veil which has a comb along with any of my combs. The headpiece looks beautiful placed neatly above your veil so they look seamless as if your wedding veil and wedding headpiece are one piece. 

bridal accessories by  MEGAN THERESE

Shop the look: Fleur bridal comb

Just like my Averie comb , I created a petite version of Fleur for you too. 
bridal accessories worn in a bridal upstyle
bridal accessories on the table by megan therese
Shop the look: Petite Fleur comb

Pins are always are beautiful way to add that romantic touch to your look. This set of three pins is perfect to scatter through your bridal hairstyle. If you haven't decided on your wedding hair yet or you cant decide exactly where you want to wear them, these pins give you the freedom to decide and even change your mind, if you want to! 


bridal accessories for the bride

 Shop the look: Petite femmes bridal pin set. 

bridal accessories and hair pins by megan therese

 Style these pins in many ways, through a loose bridal wave or nestled above an upstyle. 


So if you’re looking to capture a mood of effortless romanticism and femininity on your wedding day, choosing a botanical bridal accessory like these will make your dream a reality.

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