How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Earrings

June 09, 2024 3 min read

How to Choose The Perfect Bridal Earrings

 Choosing the right bridal earrings is more important than you might think. They're not just accessories, they're the finishing touch that pulls together your entire look. Get it right and you'll feel like your best self, highlight your best features and more importantly compliment your dress!
 As a jewellery designer I get asked alot,   

How do I choose the right pair? 

So I wanted to introduce you to all the styles, materials and everything you need to think about. Once you know your options, you get to make an informed choice, one you can be confident about.  The right bridal earrings can pull the entire look together and taking the time to finding the perfect pair ensures you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable as you walk down the aisle.  




Studs are perfect for brides who prefer simplicity and elegance, studs sit on your earlobe and have no dangle. Studs will feature a gemstone like pearls, diamonds or even modern clay or metalwork. 
How to Choose The Right Bridal Earrings
How to Choose The Right Bridal Earrings

coin studs, mother of pearl flower studs, rubin studs


A circular shape that comes in many sizes , wear alone or accessorise your hoops with pearls or gemstones. Brides love the versatility a hoop earring gives them and they will often wear these on repeat long after the wedding day has passed. 

Hoops are a forever staple in any woman's jewellery box

How to Choose The Right Bridal Earrings

gold filled Goldie hoops


Dangle earrings add a graceful elongation to your neck and face , capturing light and movement as you make your grand entrance. Dangle earrings usually feature embellishments like pearls, gemstones or florals. Shop my full collection of dangle earrings here.

How to Choose The Right Bridal Earrings
long drop pearl bridal earrings by megan therese

 coin drops, Praiano drops, floral fabels


Drop earrings hang slightly past your earlobe , whether its a pearl, flower or gemstone. Not as long as a dangle earring but a nice distance from the earlobe that makes them stand out more than a stud. 

mother of pearl bridal earrings by megan therese


Chandelier earrings, known for their intricate design and cascading tiers, offer a dramatic, eye-catching look, with substantial width and length that create a bold statement. 

If you want to turn heads, chandeliers will do that and more!



Warm and luxurious, gold is a popular choice for brides. Real gold earrings last forever and become family heirlooms but if the budget doesn't stretch that far , gold filled and plated earrings are a wonderful option for brides to achieve a similar look. Gold filled is a more durable and longer lasting than gold plated.


Perfect for cool toned bridal dresses and contemporary brides, silver metalwork is a popular choice. Silver jewellery, with its radiant lustre and timeless appeal, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with the market seeing a huge increase in silver earring sales. 


Timeless and elegant, pearls are a bridal favourite, symbolising purity and sophistication.

'I love using real , freshwater pearls in my collections, the lustre and the unique characteristics really stand out .

Megan Therese

gold baroque bridal earring by megan therese modern pearl bridal earring by megan therese

sorrento drops, eponine drops, amalfi drops


Diamonds are a classic, luxurious stone that embody elegance and unparalleled sparkle. For the glamorous brides, diamonds are a must! Sapphires, emeralds and rubies offer sparkle with a welcomed splash of colour. 

stone and strand diamond studs


Romantic and modern, clay earrings really do offer a contemporary twist on traditional bridal jewellery.

  Is there anything more special than the handcrafted flowers , each detail is so intricate and lifelike,  they are like mini works of art' 


flower clay and pearl bridal earrings by megan therese


 Whether you want to make a bold statement with large, dramatic earrings or prefer the subtle elegance of petite designs, finding the right size takes a little thought. 

If you love and regularly wear big earrings, then you absolutely should on your wedding day too!

You'll feel confident and most like yourself. Don't forget to consider how your earrings will work with your hair, if you are wearing your hair up, it showcases the earrings and lets them stand out but they may get a little lost if you wear your hair down so consider a smaller size . 


Weight and allergies

are something to think about when choosing your wedding earrings. If you love a statement but don't love the heaviness of a statement earring then clay is the solution! Surprisingly lightweight for their size, the Rowes and Antoinette are my bestsellers that brides can wear comfortably all day. 
Opt for hypoallergenic materials if you have sensitive skin. 


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