BESPOKE Monet | for Olivia

Bespoke Monet veil for Olivia.

A two-tiered 60 inch waltz length veil with 42 inch fingertip blusher. The veil will consist of two separate layers.

The Monet veil has two sides, one with a subtle silvery dot finish and the other side is a soft ivory dot finish.

Blusher options

1. Blusher veil when worn over the face to show the silver dotted side -same as the back which means when its flipped back the ivory side of the blusher will sit on top of the silver waltz veiling.

2.Blusher veil to show the ivory side when worn over the face and when its flipped back the silver side will be right side up, sitting over the waltz veil

Monet has a very subtle silver, circular embellishment in a matt finish which doesn't shimmer. The veil is finished with a classic, cut edge and gently curves to create a soft semi circle. Please check all the measurements are correct before placing your order.

BESPOKE VEIL COST £200 plus rush order fee of £50