A crown for every queen - how to choose the perfect crown size for you ?

March 17, 2021 4 min read

A crown for every queen - how to choose the perfect crown size for you ?

Are you a bride that knows you want to wear a crown on your wedding day but just don't know where to begin -  maybe you know the detail you would love in your wedding crown but you don't know what size you should choose - perhaps your afraid of it looking too small and unexciting - or worse still - too big and over-elaborate?
Well, today I'm going to tell you the 5 things which you need to consider,  these will help you decide and make sure you don't make an expensive wedding mistake, you live to regret.
handmade pearl wedding crowns by megan therese
Claire recently asked me , 


' I love your crowns and I really want a statement crown without it looking too big or over the top, what would you recommend?'
As a designer, I've seen many trends come and go and statement crowns are becoming more popular in recent years but personally , I feel the size of crown and choosing the right size of crown for you , comes down to these 5 things

  handcrafted flower and pearl wedding crown by megan therese 

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Crowns will undoubtedly make a statement,  so its important you choose a crown that neither overwhelms or underwhelms. If you're petite in height and weight , you will want a crown that is well balanced and doesn't look too heavy or big on your head. My petite Antoinette crown is the smaller version of her big sister Antoinette. The curved shape and detail remains balanced on the top and sides and works beautifully with all shapes and sizes. 

luxury pearl and flower bridal crown by megan therese                      shop baby Antoinette crown here

Small , delicate crowns are perfect for the petite bride and you will find that a delicate crown will gently frame your face subtly,  and they feel and look understated. Equally , if you are tall or have a larger body or head proportions,  a delicate crown may look a little lost on your head. So striking the right balance is key. 

delicate gold bridal crowns by megan therese

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For me, the wedding venue plays such a massive role in what crown you should actually choose. If you're getting married in a low key, garden wedding, then adorning an elaborate, oversized crown may not fit into the casual, laid back feel and organic aesthetics of the day.
Equally, if your wedding is being held in a formal, historic Cathedral or luxury stately home filled with opulence and grandeur, a dainty ethereal crown would simply get lost in the setting, or worse still - look like an after thought.
As an example, here is my Nareem crown photographed on the bride within The Ritz, Paris. This luxurious and opulent crown compliments the hotels interiors and backdrop beautifully. 


bride wears luxury wedding crown in the ritz paris by megan therese

Real bride wearing luxury bridal crown in the ritz paris

luxury ivory and gold pearl leaf crown

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' My dress is very simple , do you think a statement tiara would work with it?'

Yes, I believe that's one of joys of wearing a simplistic wedding gown, you can go either way and keep things minimal or pair with an elaborate crown without running the risk of over styling your look. 

luxury wedding crown by megan therese

A question to ask yourself is ' Do I want my dress to take centre stage?'

If you have a statement wedding dress and you want it to take the limelight then I would recommend keeping the crown size small to average. 

handcrafted clay flower bridal crown by megan therese

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Choosing a crown which works with your hairstyle is key. All my crown bases are headbands and can be worn comfortably with almost any hairstyle.  For brides with long , thick hair choosing a larger crown would be the perfect choice as dainty , delicate crowns may get a little lost in your hair. 
handmade statement pearl wedding crown
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bridal crown and statement wedding veil by megan therese
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If you try on a crown and it feels underwhelming, then trust your gut and intuition, consciously or subconsciously you will know how you want to feel on your wedding day and what that looks like to you may be completely different to the next bride.
Don't be swayed by the well meant comments and opinions of your bridesmaids and loved ones.
I suppose what I’m trying to say is, choose what's gives YOU 'all the feels' . Your body simply doesn't lie, those butterflies you feel in your tummy when you see your reflection in the mirror will be all the proof you need to know you're making the right choice. 

luxury pearl bridal crown by megan therese

' Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever'.
Ralph Lauren 

statement pearl wedding crown by megan therese

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I hope that this blog has helped you but I know, you still may need some reassurance or perhaps you have fallen in love with an oversized crown and its details but want it in a smaller size. If this is you , then I can help!

Everything I create , is created by hand which opens a world of opportunities when it comes to creating the perfect piece for my brides and this includes the perfect size. If you would like a bespoke size, please get in touch. 

Megan xx




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