A bespoke pearl headpiece for Megan

August 27, 2020 1 min read

A bespoke pearl headpiece for Megan

I recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely bride from the UK called Megan. Megan knew exactly the detail she wanted for her headpiece and had fallen in love with one from my collection. 

The issue for Megan was the headpiece she loved was a crown and she wasn't sure the crown would work with her sleek wedding waves. 

bespoke gilda bridal crown by megan therese

So for her chosen hairstyle to work Megan knew she needed to wear a headpiece to the back of the head on a comb. This would create the perfect look and a comb would compliment her hairstyle the best. 

bespoke gilda bridal crown by megan therese


So in order to achieve this, I had to adapt my crown design into a headpiece design. 

luxury pearl wedding headpiece by megan therese

The design has such incredible detail and there's a little weight in the piece so i decided to add extra security on each side and hidden french loops to give the hairstylist the option to add additional security. (Watch the video in Instagram )

bespoke wedding  headpiece by megan therese

I hope this shows you the wonderful ways in which you can wear the headpiece of your dreams. It may take a little adjustment here and there or you can even combine details from a number of pieces from my collection. Knowing your style is a great starting point but if you are uncertain where to begin, I would recommend browsing the collection and choosing pieces you are instantly drawn to . This a great place to start!

bespoke bridal headpiece handmade

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