My top 4 wedding hair accessory choices for the modern bride.

December 18, 2019 2 min read

My top 4 wedding hair accessory choices for the modern bride.

I find brides asking me this question all the time 'what type of accessory should i choose?' I will admit, it can feel overwhelming as a newbie to the bridal world but as a designer I've tried and tested many styles over the years and luckily I'm here to share with you my expertise and recommendations for achieving your desired bridal look.
Ethereal head vines.
 Influenced by nature , adorn your bridal hair with delicate sweeping hair vines, headbands and circlets which can be styled around a loose bun or woven into an 'undone' braided style. 
Statement crowns
Make an entrance with a statement bridal crown bursting with detail. Whether its antique inspired gold tones or modern embellished silvers you can be sure of a crown to elevate your bridal look. Crowns can be both modern and vintage inspired so there's a crown out there for each and every queen.
Delicate hair pins
Sometimes less is more, these pretty little additions can be scattered throughout the hair like sprinklings on a yummy ice cream or refined to one place. Fashionable and subtle, these little beauties are quite the addition to any wedding look.
Classic combs
Extremely versatile, wear your comb nestled above a loose or structured bridal up style or adorn into your free flowing locks. A comb is a popular choice for brides who can't decide, its the go to look for brides who neither want make a statement or go without. Combs will compliment any look without overpowering your dress. The  most popular choice for the refined bride.
I hope I've simplified the styles into 4 key choices. I hope my advice will begin you on your journey and help inspire you to choose your perfect bridal accessory. For me, its about choosing an accessory which reflects your personality. 
 If none of these styles make your heart flutter then why not go bespoke? You can be as bold or refined as you like, mix two distinct looks, the choices are limitless and better still completely exclusive to you!  Create an unforgettable custom piece today, contact me to discuss. 

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