Tips on how to care for and store your wedding veil

October 11, 2021 3 min read

Tips on how to care for and store your wedding veil

I simply love creating veils and I know my brides love wearing them. Their soft, dream like texture is what we love most but this delicacy means they need to be looked after with special care and attention. If you take the time to clean and store your veil correctly , its beauty will remain for many years and become that special family heirloom. 
how to clean and store your wedding veil
Spot cleaning 

Like with any delicate fabrics, you must take extra care when cleaning your veil. I recommend spot cleaning and only treating the areas which need attention. Use a damp cloth to spot clean and remove any makeup marks or dirt along the edge of the veil and leave to air dry.  

how to spot clean your wedding veil by megan therese

If your veil has particularly stubborn marks, depending on the tulle you can take further steps to bring your veil back to its original state. 

If spot cleaning your veil hasn't removed the marks as you'd hoped the next step will be to hand-wash. 

Delicate fabrics should not be washed or dried in high temperatures as this can shrink or damage the fabric. When washing your veil , I would recommend hand-washing only, fill a basin with cold water and add appropriate special delicate detergent made specifically for delicate fabrics such as silk . 

Soak , gently rinse and allow to air dry. 

how to care for your wedding day before and after your wedding day


If your veil has embellishments, submerging in water is not recommended,Spot cleaning only is recommended, gently rub around the embellishments and not over them as this could cause them to fall off.  

how to wash your wedding veil


Storing your veil correctly can make all the difference in preserving it.


You will want to keep your veil free from creases so as soon as you receive your veil , I recommend gently folding it and placing over a triangular hanger.

How to store your wedding veil

Hang your veil in your wardrobe making sure there is adequate ventilation and space.  You can also hang in your room , away from direct sunlight. To keep your veil free from dust , you can store in a garment bag but make sure the bag is breathable to avoid moisture building. 


Silk veils are prone to discolouration over time so ensure you store it in a breathable bag, folded to avoid any distortion in shape . Hanging your veil over many years can cause the fabric to stretch so its best to fold your veil and place in a storage box with acid free tissue in a cool, dry pace. 

how to clean and store your wedding veil after your wedding by megan therese


No matter how hard we try , creases can happen but if you hang your veil correctly before your wedding day you shouldn't have any issues. 

If your veil does have stubborn creases from folding or being stored incorrectly you can use steam to remove them. Steam is the most gentle way to help remove any creases. Hand held garment steamers are easy to use , simply follow the manufacturers instructions on the distance to hold the steamer from your veil. You may find your veil feels slightly damp after this process so hang it up and allow it to air dry. 

You can also iron your veil and I often do this in preparation for editorial shoots but please be carefulas its important to use the correct setting on your iron. Most irons will have a silk setting however I would recommend testing this by pressing your veil on a lower setting to begin with then increasing to the silk setting if the below setting is too cool. 

If you don't have experience and you are unsure on your iron settings -  I wouldn't iron your veil but steam instead. 

how to wash and store your wedding veil by megan therese 


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