The perfect fit - How to measure for your wedding garter

December 18, 2019 2 min read

The perfect fit - How to measure for your wedding garter

The wedding garter tradition has stood the test of time! You may be considering wearing a wedding garter but maybe you are unsure of what size of garter to choose? As a wedding designer who designs bridal garters daily,  I am sharing my tips on choosing the perfect garter size! 

I know from experience that choosing the perfect size of garter is a must! The last thing any bride wants is their garter sliding down their leg when they are walking up the aisle or garter that is soo tight that its actually uncomfortable to wear!

I believe the 'one size fits all' approach isn't the best option when buying a garter. We come in all different shapes and sizes and your garters can too!

When i began designing garters not only did i want them to be sleek and feminine but i knew i wanted to offer my brides the luxury of purchasing made to order garters! This means there is absolutely no compromise on size as your garter is made to fit YOU!

ivory corded lace wedding garter on leg

Where do i measure?

Where you wear your garter is entirely up to you! There is no right or wrong place. 

Although I would recommendapproximately 4/5 inches above the knee. Neither too high or too low but just right like below. 

 ivory lace leaf garter on leg

How do i measure?

I would recommend using a flexible, soft tape which can bend easily around the circumstance of your leg but if you don't have one of these at home simply use a piece of string and take your measurements off that.

What to do, if you are in between sizes?

If you are measuring in between sizes, say 19.5 inches. I would recommend sizing down to 19 inches. This means the garter will fit a little more snug but it won't slip down your leg!

Do i need to secure my garter with tape?

I believe that a well made and well fitted garter shouldn't require any additional fastening materials. Each garter that I make, will fit you exactly as it should so there's no need to fasten with tape. That's the beauty of bespoke after all, its made especially for you! 

You can view my full collection here or why not go completely bespoke and design a garter that is truly unique. If you can’t find your size online simply contact me for petite and plus size options. 

I hope this answers all your sizing questions when it comes to garters! Next week ill be recommending what style to choose, the best fabrics to pick and what your garter says about you!  

Image credits: 1. Cristina Ilao 2. Lisa Mc Conalogue 3. Melanie Nedelko 

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