How to choose the perfect garter style for you!

December 18, 2019 2 min read

Today, I’m sharing with you tips on how to choose the perfect wedding garter!

Choosing the right style of wedding garter may seem like a daunting task but I’m here to help you find the perfect garter for you !! 

A wedding garter can make such a beautiful gift for yourself or the bride to be and a wonderful wedding day keepsake. My garters come in the prettiest of packaging and even include a hand written note which can be personalised for the special bride!

If the bride is girly and feminine, chances are she will be wearing the dream princess dress! A dress with a full skirt means there are no restrictions on the size and the detail of the garter so you can go as ruffled or as detailed as you like with my french ruffled garter  .

blue ruffle and lace wedding garter

Or choose something unexpected with this vine inspired gold leaf and pearl garter. 

delicate gold leaf wedding garter

For the more shy and refined bride, a more delicate and subtle wedding garter would be the perfect choice. I would highly recommend any of my slim garters which are dainty and subtle . Think less is more!

slim and thin lace wedding garter with blue bow

Slim blue bow garter

 For those brides wearing those slinky dresses, it’s important that the garter is sleek and fine underneath your wedding dress like my Chanel garter. 

ivory lace leaf wedding garter with something blue

Chanel leaf lace garter

Complete the wedding day tradition with that perfect ‘something blue’ garter and choose this delicate slim blue garter.

handmade blue lace slim wedding garter

 slim blue garter

 For the vintage loving bride a lace garter will be sure to have them swooning! My luxurious lace garters come in a variety of laces from French corded lace to delicate Chantilly lace and everything in between. These lace garters come in two colour ivory or blue and each garter is hand dyed in the studio.

ivory lace wedding garter with blue personalised embroidery

 embroidered lace garter

ivory lace wedding garter with pearls

 luxe lace garter


Fortunately, there are so many beautiful garters to choose from in my collection that I’m sure the bride would be thrilled with any one you choose but if you really want to WOW them then why not go bespoke and present them with something truly unique. This bespoke service means they will receive a one of a kind garter, designed specifically for them. If your bride loves to feel special and appreciates the finer details then this exclusive service would be sure to impress! If you need a little help with garter sizing, have a little read at my tips on how to measure for your garter.


The wedding garter is such a meaningful and beautiful keepsake that marks such a special day in their lives.


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